PMST LOOP EQ, the PEMF machine for horses

Powerful and portable PMST LOOP EQ makes quick work of customized animal pulsing sessions. The PMST LOOP EQ has become a preferred solution for farms, trainers, and veterinarian offices.


The PMST LOOP EQ comes in an all-terrain case with rugged off-road wheels, which is great for business use, to help your animals alleviate pain, boost performance, expedite recovery, improve mobility, and general wellness.

What is Pulsed PEMF therapy?

Pulsed PEMF therapy treats  cells like batteries. It’s common for them to slowly be drained of energy. By the end of a day, your horses  may feel tired and depleted. That’s where PEMF technology can be used  to generate energy in your cells without an invasive procedure. This amplifies your natural energy and encourages your body to function more effectively . Also known as low field magnetic stimulation, it uses electromagnetic fields to try to help cellular dysfunction.

How does PEMF therapy work?

Pulsed PEMF therapy sends magnetic energy into the body. These energy waves work with the body’s natural magnetic field to improve healing. The magnetic fields helps to increase electrolytes and ions. This naturally influences electrical changes on a cellular level and influences cellular metabolism. It works with the body’s own recovery processes to help relieve chronic pain. Best of all, it’s entirely safe.

Ultimately, the body requires electricity to sign signals throughout the body and to your brain. PEMF therapy effectively can realign the electricity in your cells. When a cell is stimulated, it allows positive charges to enter a cell in an open ION channel. The inside of this cell becomes positively charged, which will trigger other electrical currents, turning into pulses. This can positively influence movement, healing, and sending of signals. Any disruption in electrical currents can lead to dysfunction or illness. Pulsed PEMF therapy helps restore this disruption in electrical current to the normal state, which promotes overall wellness.