Nutritional Consultant

Nutrition is Important

With over 15 years experience in the equine feed industry, Declan is an Equine Brand and Feed Consultant and Managing Director of Cullen.

Equine Solutions, which he runs in association with his wife Becky. Now working with Pegus Horse Feed and Pegus Equine Health, Declan was the equine feed consultant for Horse Sport Ireland for 7 years, working with Ireland’s high performance squads for 2 World Equestrian Games and 2 Olympic Games. The Beijing Olympics had many challenges in Hong Kong; principally transporting feed and forage from Europe and Declan`s contacts with the official suppliers Kentucky Equine Research , where he was called to assist Horse Sport Ireland with Team Ireland’s diets feeding arrangements.

This support and advice was requested again at WEG Kentucky London 2012 and WEG Aachen . Declan`s experience in the equine feed industry and equine sport nutrition has helped to exporting and establish markets with customers in Libya, Egypt ,Norway, Poland, Turkey, Greece and Kuwait.

As a rider, Declan’s first 3 day event was in 2002 at Necarne Castle, where he went on to be the only Irish winner in 2005, winning the CIC*. He has produced a number of horses that competed at Le Lion d’Angers, the World Breeding Championship for event horses. The horse Declan is most associated with is the coloured stallion Glenhill Gold, the only Irish Sport Horse stallion in history to have won a CCI***. His passion for eventing saw him establish The Irish Event Riders Club in 2012, which was embraced by riders, owners and event organisers alike, as a great innovation in hospitality and support for owners and riders at Irish internationals.The experience as a rider and stallion, owner provides a unparalleled understanding of the challenges faced in today’s in sports nutrition from the sympathetic economics and scientific nutritional requirements needed for owners, trainers and riders to achieve their goals

Equine Feed Evaluation Service

Having been the feed consultant for 3 Olympic Games for Team Ireland & Horse Sport Ireland, Declan’s experience working with vets, riders, leading trainers and a rider himself,provides a unique understanding of the demands and requirements needed with today equine athletes. “It’s a mine field of marketing when it comes to selecting the correct feeding for performance, we want to focus on what is your horses need first and work around its condition, age , temperament and breed type before selecting a pathway plan suitable. I like to think we can complete the circle of nutrition , knowing the value requirements and knowing the nutrition profile of the forages, grain, feed and supplements, we can insure that horses meet their daily levels of nutrition without over or under supplementing their diets” For more information or to book a yard appointment contact or call 0044 (0) 7710883088 You can free phone also UK 08000114182 ROI 1800378463

Diets are balanced according to the horses energy requirements , by age , weight , body condition , breed and temperament. And adjusted to suit horses and riders requirements .Insuring that correct levels of nutrients are balanced and in the correct ration suitable for the level of nutrition required

Declan has helped many leading riders and trainers formulate and tailor their horses diets.