Stablecomfort Orthopedic, Sealed Flooring System Introducing the unique all-new patented Stablecomfort Orthopedic, Sealed Flooring System for healthier horses from healthier stable

Why Stablecomfot ® ?

Stablecomfort ® is a stable flooring system that delivers comfort, healthier horses, better air quality and substantial cost savings.

The choice for leading stud farms , veterinary clinics and trainers all over the world A thousand horses a year would test the capabilities of any stall flooring, especially in a veterinary hospital environment where the strictest biosecurity measures include sterilizing flooring and walls with caustic ingredients between every equine occupant.

Stablecomfort will reduce bedding costs by 75% saving you money from day 1


Stablecomfort has 3 options 

Stablecomfort Original 

Stablecomfort Original  + 20 m Latex underlay 

Stablecomfort Original + 30m Latex underlay 

10 benefits in all


  • Improves joint health – improved movement, flexibility and hoof quality through enhanced support to joints, tendons and ligaments
  • Improves respiratory health – stable air quality is greatly improved because the sealed impermeable Top Cover design prevents the build-up of urea, bacteria and the resulting harmful ammonia
  • Eliminates hock sores caused from flooring – thanks to the non-slip, non-abrasive surface horses can get up without scuffling
  • Improves quality of rest – horses have been seen sleeping for hours at a time, getting the all-important REM sleep
  • Relieves horses suffering from sore feet and symptoms of laminitis – the padded flooring provides a comfortable and supportive cushion to stand on, which encourages them to lie down more often
  • Reduces the need for stable bandaging – the ‘spring’ in the cushioned flooring massages the horse’s frogs, which stimulates blood circulation
  • Provides recumbent whole-body support – the padded flooring system provides the needed ‘give’ under the hip, shoulder and pastern bones when the horse lies down and rises
  • Provides thermal insulation – Stablecomfort  insulates from the cold and damp of concrete and packed-earth floors
  • Requires less bedding – significantly reduced need for straw, paper, cardboard, wood pellets, or other bedding for protection – bedding is needed only to absorb body waste.
  • Strong Return on Investment – less bedding means less labour, a smaller manure pile, and no flooring maintenance; and a return on investment of less than one year.

       And a 6 year guarantee

       Unlike other flooring systems that offer 1-2 years warranty, Stablecomfort is proud to offer 6 years warranty from the date of purchase.

       An investment that pays dividends for many years

  • Stablecomfort  flooring offers easy maintenance and less bedding, saving time and money
  • The amount of bedding used is reduced, as is the time to muck out
  • Many owners who have installed Stablecomfort report reducing bedding costs by as much as 75% without sacrificing the comfort for their horses
  • Cost savings from installing Stablecomfort typically provides a return on investment in less than a year.

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Prices start from £980+ vat  contact us today for a quotation by completing the form , or call us on 07710883088  or 00447710883088 for ROI

Our Team of professional fitter can fit you stables anywhere in the UK , N.Ireland and Rep Of Ireland 

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Remember – a Return on Investment in less than one year