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The NEW HG-ONE has been added to the range due to popular global demand.

The HG-ONE is ideal for everyday use on the yard and is great to take to shows due to its lightweight and compact design. It has been created to feed one horse and will hold approximately 8kg of forage either in a net or compact wedges.
The HG-ONE incorporates all the renowned features that make Haygain  the trusted brand it is and includes the Haygain patented 5 spiked manifold. This enables steam to penetrate the centre of the forage outwards at temperatures in excess of 100ºC to eliminate respirable dust and kill all fungal spores and bacteria without nutritional loss.

Quick and easy to use The HG-ONE steams forage in 60 minutes thanks to a 1.5KW steam generator with a water capacity of 3.5 litres which will be sufficient for one steaming cycle.
It features a stainless steel boiler shell and the heating element is outside the boiler thus reducing damage from scale and extending the life of the element considerably.

The lid is double skinned for exceptional strength and thermal efficiency in all ambient temperatures without compromising performance. The lid has been designed with pockets to allow the condensation to evenly fall back onto the hay.

The Haygain range outperforms all other hay treatments, eradicating soaking hay, whilst saving energy and running costs due to their thermal efficiency and design, and reduces wastage to a minimum.


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